10 Foods to Eat to Beat Cellulite

10 Foods to Eat to Beat Cellulite

Cellulite, aggghhh!  It actually affects 98% of UK women so you are not alone. What is it? Well let me tell you, it’s actually fat deposits under the skin, pushing against connective tissue.  As far as the causes go there are many including your hormones, stress levels & genes.  You don’t need me to tell you that it can be really tough to get rid of but don’t worry as that’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of cellulite beating superfoods that when eaten as part of a balanced diet can help kick those dimples & finally get rid of cellulite.


Salmon for dinner, 2 to 3 portions per week should give you plenty of essential omega-3 fats. These healthy fish oils help to improve the stability & movement of your body’s cell membrane to help prevent them from degrading & appearing dimply (formation of cellulite). Research also seems to point towards cellulite-affected tissue having low-grade inflammation so all that omega-3 will help to remedy that.


Think Pink, this rosy fruit is rich in the antioxidants, lycopene & methoxylated biofl avonoids. These antioxidants can help improve your blood circulation & correct cell imbalances, helping to smooth out cellulite over time.  


Wage war on Cellulite with vitamin C, bell peppers are packed full of it. Vitamin C supports your body with the formation of Collagen which promotes elasticity in the skin helping to keep things firm & dimple-free. Eat your bell pepper raw & just one gives you around  1.5 times your recommended daily allowance.


It’s all about the collagen. Eggs are a healthy source of protein which is needed for your body to properly form strong & undamaged collagen that holds in fat. Eggs are also a rich source of the amino acids, lysine & proline which are both essential in the healthy formation of, yes again, collagen.

5. Oranges

These antioxidant rich fruits not only contain collagen building Vitamin C but they also help protect your body against pollution & UV Rays. These are both contributors to the weakening of connective tissue so eat them fresh for maximum effect. 


Research has shown that estrogen may play a role in the development of cellulite. The good news is flaxseeds are a great source of linigans which are proven to help balance out estrogen levels in the body. Keep your flaxseeds fresh & protected in an airtight container in the fridge & make sure they’re ground first as whole flaxseeds can’t be digested. Around one teaspoon of flaxseeds per day is plenty.


The long term effects of stress on the body include increased adrenaline levels & the stress hormone cortisol, which has been shown to increase the appearance of cellulite. Stress has also been linked to insulin resistance which can promote fat gain, aggh.  You need to lower those stress levels fast, try swapping your coffee for a soothing camomile tea instead. 


Weight loss is essential for smoothing out fat deposits & kicking those dimples so metabolism- boosting Matcha can help even out cellulite. Research also point towards the antioxidant found in Matcha – called catechins – helping to reduce the breakdown of collagen so go get the kettle on.


Believe it or not, It’s all the rage at the moment & whilst there is debate about whether or not the collagen in broth translates to increased collagen in the body, you can’t deny it’s a great source of protein. Aim for a cooking time of at least 10 hours to allow the bones to really break down & add a generous splash of apple cider vinegar to help speeds things up.


Not only is it bursting with Vitamin C for collagen production but broccoli also contains the plant nutrient sulforaphane & indole-3-carbinol. The first of which helps to boost your metabolism  and fpr indole-3-carbinol, studies have shown it helps to flush out by-products from estrogne in urine, nice. The result of all this being, you will have a much better balance of hormone levels which will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For the max in antioxidants & vitamin C, eat your broccoli it raw but If you can’t do that then steam it rather than boiling. 


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