10 Ways To A Flatter Stomach Without Diet or Exercise

10 Ways To A Flatter Stomach Without Diet or Exercise

It's not just about diet, exercise & drastic measures, a few simple changes can make all the difference. We've put together a few ways to help you kick-the-bloat, de-puff & slim that waistline the healthy way. No crash diets or boot-camp regimes needed.


First things first, straighten up & correct that posture.  Slouching & being slumped all day not only looks terrible but it does nothing to tone & engage the stomach & back muscles. Maintaining a good posture will not only help to strengthen & build your core but it will also promote the smooth running of your digestive system, great news for flat tummies.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t drink enough water then your body will begin to hoard fluids causing water retention, bloating & puffiness. You should be drinking around 2 litres & sipping it slowly throughout the day, you’ll feel trimmer & your skin will thank you for it. 


Snacking is an essential part of your daily routine, it should be nourishing & satisfying to keep you feeling your best.  Unsalted nuts are a great choice for a snack & are rich in monounsaturated fats but remember a good serving is about a small handful. Research has also linked snacking on nuts with having a smaller waist circumstance.

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Maybe that coffee isn’t so bad after all. Caffeinated coffee is a mild diuretic & has been shown to help against water retention, it helps squeeze out some of that excess water in the body. It could also help keep the digest system, regular, if you know what I mean which will support that flat tummy.


Get some low fat milk or natural yoghurt all over your cereals each morning, diets rich in calcium have been linked with lower fat levels in the body. The calcium seems to support your body in getting rid of fat rather than storing it which is great news. Dairy is also a good source of potassium & magnesium which can both help in the fight against water retention.

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Make a point of chewing at least 8 – 10 times before your food goes down otherwise your digestive system will need to go into overtime to able breakdown & process the food. This can lead to excessive gas in the gut causing bloating & discomfort, not good for a flat tummy.


Probiotics are the ‘good bacteria’ that support your digestive system in breaking down food & helping against excessive gas in the gut. We recommend a daily serving of probiotic-rich food such as yoghurt, buttermilk or sauerkraut to help keep your system running like clockwork. You can thank us later.


Try to squeeze in a 30 minute walk each day, it’ll do wonders for metabolism. You could do it first thing in morning, at lunch around the park or straight after work before you walk through the door. Just make sure you enjoy it as it's "you-time".

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We don't talk about it much but you've got to make time to use the loo without rushing. It's easy to learn to resist and then ignore the urges and pretty soon you'll have forgotten to take notice of them. The next thing you know, bloating, discomfort & constipation, make time it's super important.


Here’s why, stress causes your body to produce the hormone Cortisol, the fight or flight hormone. The production of this hormone actually causes your body to send fat directly to your midsection in an attempt to protect your vital organs. Stress can also cause the production of steroids in your body which can negatively affect your digestive system, not good news for a flat tummy. We recommend taking 20 minutes every single day to relax, easier said than done but please, do it.

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