5 Reasons Why Women Should Start Lifting Weights

5 Reasons Why Women Should Start Lifting Weights

Raising your heart rate & doing some cardio is super important, not only can it help you control your weight but it can also improve your appearance, reduce your chances of falling ill & do wonders for your health & well-being. But wait just a minute, we need to talk "resistance training", improving your muscle strength & tone has some pretty surprising benefits too, that’s right ladies, let’s start doing some squats, sit-ups, press-ups & pumping iron!


New research from Appalachian State University showed that the best time to do cardio is early morning whereas weight training is best done late afternoon or early evening. They found that resistance type training actually warms the body up which helps to prepare it for a good night’s sleep. If you do a little cardio first thing & a little weight training early evening it can help you fall asleep faster & sleep for longer throughout the night, wow.

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New research has shown that resistance exercise for as little as 20 minutes a day can help boost your memory by up to 10%. Pumping a little iron or exercising under your own body weight (press-ups, squats, sit-ups) was shown to cause your body to release a hormone that benefits memory, so the next time you are writing your shopping list, make sure you’re doing some squats!

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Squats, press-ups, sit-ups & other resistance exercises can all increase the strength & size of your body muscle mass.  Here’s the best bit, bigger muscle mass will actually change your metabolic rate meaning your body will use more calories to function each day. Providing you don’t consume more calories to compensate for this then you’ll burn fat faster.

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Exercise causes your body to release endorphin's, aka the happy hormone, these make you feel good. Lifting some light weights could put you in a better state of mind, it can help you feel less anxious & even fight the symptoms of depression.

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Not working those muscles, as well as ageing & doing less overall activity can increase your risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes & heart disease. A little bit of resistance training each day can increase the health of your bones which reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular problems, let's work-it ladies.

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