5 Ways To Feel Better About Your Body

5 Ways To Feel Better About Your Body

No matter where we look these days our screens are filled with touched up, airbrushed, seemingly perfect bodies.  It’s become the norm but the downside is body image problems are becoming more common so we’ve put together our top tips for feeling great about your body.


This probably sounds really straight forward, but worrying about how you look is not helping you at all. If you keep judging yourself, you're just going to make yourself feel even worse. It’s time to take a deep breath and bring everything back to reality, stop comparing and start appreciating.  If you decide you want to lose a little weight then make some changes and stick to them but stop worrying in the meantime. If you decide it’s time to start eating better then come up with a plan but no worrying. Life is a wonderful journey so don’t waste a minute stressing & putting yourself down, you got that?

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We’ve been so used to images of stick thin models plus society almost seems to have a link between being tiny & being better. Well things are changing fast, real curves are all the rage & don’t get me started on the “big booty” it’s become the must have accessory. The media is beginning to send the message that you don’t have to be one size to be seriously sexy & the Kardashian family have proved that curves beat being stick-thin hands down.


Instead of focusing on being skinny, it's time to focus on your health & wellbeing. Eating a healthy diet full of vegetables, lean meat, fish, fruit, light dairy, nuts & seeds with plenty of water can have a big impact on your appearance & how you feel. The right diet can give you younger, clearer looking skin, thicker, glossier looking hair & give your energy levels & wellbeing a serious boost.  If you look after yourself then I guarantee you will feel healthier and happier in no time at all.

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The problem with social media is the constant flow of perfect bodies, gorgeous holidays, plenty of money & amazing food, not exactly inspiring when you’re sat in front of the TV in your pyjamas. Just remember that photoshop, filters, touch up apps & airbrushing tools exist for a reason, which is, to make Instagram photos look better than real life. So seriously don’t try to compare because they’ve had all day to edit those pics, we all have cellulite, stretch marks and spots, whatever a photo says. 


And lastly, if you still feel the need to compare then think about the root cause of those feelings. Are you down about your hair, diet, skin or amount of exercise you do & what exactly is it about those things that's getting you down. Once you’ve got a handle on that the first step is “don't worry” as worrying won’t solve anything. Instead think about some small changes you can make to change things and stick to them. Eat 3 different vegetables a day or drink more water, do 15 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning, whatever it is make it small & stick to it. Working towards your goals in bitesize chunks does wonders for your wellbeing.

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