7 Evening Meals: To Speed Up Weight Loss

7 Evening Meals: To Speed Up Weight Loss

What’s for dinner I hear you say, well we’ve just put together 7 of our favourite protein-rich evening meals to help you blast off fat & get in shape. We've designed them to not only help you shift pounds & tone up but also to help boost the appearance of your hair, skin & nails. Just remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day & sip it slowly!

Cajun Chicken, Sweet Potato & Vegetables

Chicken (140 g) with Cajun spice rub, a small baked sweet potato with a generous amount of mixed vegetables, carrot, sweetcorn, peas, green beans.

Tuna Burger, Couscous with spinach

A tin of tuna to create your Tuna burger, no bun. Serve with couscous (30 g of dry) on a generous plate of fresh spinach leaves,  dress with light dressing.

Omelette with dry cured ham

Three-egg omelette, two slices of dry cured ham with two large handfuls of spinach wilted.

Salmon, Greens & Sweet Potato

Salmon fillet with good serving of broccoli & asparagus with a small baked sweet potato.

Homemade Burger

Lean mince burger (100g) with plenty of tomato & mixed leaves in a brown bun with 2 x Tbsps of grated low fat cheddar. Add a good handful of salad for the side.

Chicken & Seasonal Vegetables

Chicken (130 g), mixed vegetables with a small baked sweet potato.

Tuna & Egg Salad

A tin of tuna & one medium boiled egg with two generous handfuls of mixed salad, add a handful of toasted pine nuts.