9 Ways To Get Motivated To Actually Do Some Exercise

9 Ways To Get Motivated To Actually Do Some Exercise

I think we can all agree that you feel great after a good sweaty workout. It helps release the body’s pleasure hormone, endorphins and you get a real sense of achievement. The tough part is getting motivated after a long day at work, especially when you’re hungry, tired and just want to jump straight in front of the TV. How on earth are you going to spring into action and workout at home, let alone get to the gym?

Motivation is the difference between sweating it out and feeling goof or just catching up on your favourite TV programs. We’ve pulled together our easiest top tips to motivation to help you stay focused and on top of your weight loss goals.



Planning well and setting yourself a timetable of your workout days will make “skipping a session” much less likely. Be sure to review your timetable at the beginning of each week to ensure you haven’t double booked any days. It feels really great looking back through your planner at the end of the week and seeing how much you’ve achieved, it’ll help you stay positive and motivated. Use your phone to set memos during the day to remind you that you’re working out that evening. It’ll avoid you making excuses to yourself when it hits 5pm.


They say you’re far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Jot those goals on a post-it note and stick it on the fridge or on your side table, anywhere that’ll make sure it’s noticed, regularly. Achievement is all about setting yourself positive and measurable goals and doing regular activities that will get you there and remember, slow and steady wins the race.


It well evidenced that exercise actually improves wellbeing. It will help keep you feeling calm and balanced, it’s also been shown to improve brain function and boost problem-solving thoughts. So the next time you’re feeling stressed-out about work or you’re not sure how to fix a particular issue, sweat yourself straight to a solution. You’ll find you have less brain-clog the next day, making you more productive and more efficient, what’s not to love about exercise?

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You’ve heard it a thousand times - a good breakfast sets you up for the day but not all morning meals are made the same. You need a good balance of protein, veg or fruit, along with a healthy carbohydrate like wholegrains to keep your blood sugars balanced. Missing one of those key areas will leave you feeling, lethargic, hungry and less than motivated. Find the right balance in the morning and instead you’ll feel energised and more productive throughout the day.


We’re not talking mars bar’s here, snacking is actually one of the most important aspects of a healthy and satisfying diet but it’s often overlooked. The right stuff between mealtimes will help regulate your blood sugar levels and avoid that mid-morning slumps and afternoon crash. Keep your snacks lean and consisting of mostly healthy carbs with a little protein - a ryvita with tuna & light mayo or sliced apple with peanut butter. You’ll be more productive throughout the day, allowing your mind and body to rest more during down time.


The next time your best friend asks to meet for coffee, suggest you go to a workout class instead or a jog/power-walk around the park. You’ll look forward to the exercise and you’ll be far less likely to cancel on your friend. It’s so much easier to burn through calories when you’re doing it with a friend. You may not be able to talk as easily as usual but it’s the “being together” that counts and you’ll both feel great afterwards. Besides, you can always go for coffee or a drink afterwards.

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It sounds simple but slipping into your workout gear at work will significantly boost your chances of getting to your class. You’ll mentally commit as soon as you’ve changed and you’ll feel far more positive about the whole experience. Even if you need to head home first, it’ll help you stay on purpose rather than hovering around the sofa and dreaming up an excuse. The truth is, when you’re dressed in all that gear you won’t want to back out.


Don’t be shy about telling your friends and family that you’ve started a new workout class or that you’re going jogging 3 x times a week. Post it on social media and keep your loved ones updated as it’ll help you accountable and motivated. Being open will also help you maintain a positive attitude towards exercise and you’ll be so much more focused and determined to stick to your new healthier choices. Particularly when you know yours friends will be asking how it’s all going.

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If you loathe going to the gym then it’s hardly surprising you keep skipping sessions. It’s easy to forget that exercise comes in many different forms, so it’s important to find what you love. It could be urban jogging, spin class or Zumba, boot camps, aerobics videos on YouTube, badminton or tennis groups, street dance - you’ll be stuck for choice when you start digging a little deeper. Remember that your habits and preferences will change over time so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. It’s your life so live it the way you want too. Whatever you decide you’ll feel better being active.


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