9 Healthy Snacks: To Speed Up Weight Loss

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9 Healthy Snacks: To Speed Up Weight Loss

Believe it or not, snacking is a good thing & it should form a big part of your overall eating plan. Not only does it help keep your metabolism burning & your sugar levels stable but it also brings the variety needed to meet your full nutritional requirements.  Keep these healthy snacks on hand to help you lose weight, feel energised &  kick those afternoon urges to reach for the biscuit tin.

1. Egg & Asparagus

Soldiers A sift boiled egg with steamed asparagus for dipping


2. Hummus & Batons

Low fat hummus (60 g) with a handful of carrot sticks/batons


3. Chicken Slices

 Chicken pieces / slices (90 g). Packs from a supermarket can offer a healthy, convenient snack but make sure it's not reformed chicken.


4. Crackers, Spinach & Tuna

 Two Brown/Whole wheat crackers topped with spinach leaves at half a tin of tuna with pepper.


5. Eggs & Spinach

 Two boiled eggs with spinach leaves and pepper to taste.


6. Banana

Medium Whole Banana


7. Tomato & Feta Cheese

Sliced ripe vine tomato’s with Feta cheese (30 g) season with pepper.


8. Crackers with Ham & Rocket

Two brown/whole wheat crackers with a slice of dry cured ham and rocket


9. Apple & Milk

A glass of skimmed milk with an apple