4 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues Before They Start

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4 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues Before They Start

We’ve all been there, you come home from a fabulous holiday or short break away & you’ve far too much to do plus a depressing  job to return too & POW the “holiday blues” hit you  AKA Post Travel Depression (PTD). It leaves you longing for the return of those care-free holiday vibes & it can impossible to transition back to normality, we hear you. But there are ways to make the changeover far less daunting & much smoother.


Make sure you tie up all the loose ends before you leave for holiday, half-finished jobs will creep up on you towards the end of your breakaway.  Important tasks that can’t be finished should be delegated to someone to finish, you can repay them when they are on their holidays. If you use email then don’t forget to turn on your out-of-office even if you plan to keep tabs on your mail, that way people will be aware you’ve been away.


Yes that’s right, we all want our holidays to last as long as possible and it’s tempting to try & stretch your return home right through to the last minute but this isn’t a good idea for your stress levels. Returning home late and heading back into work the very next morning could undo all the benefits of your relaxing break away.  Instead it’s best to give yourself a buffer & allow enough time to unpack, do some washing & a food shop so you can settle back into life before starting back at work. Having a day at home after a holiday can do wonders for transitioning back in normal life.


You don’t need to jump back in at the deep end on your first day back, give yourself time to catch up with everything & everyone for a gentle transition back into work. It nice to remember the bits you love about the job you’ve just returned too and also that this job is the very thing that enables you go off on a well deserved break. Just ease yourself back into the rhythm of the day & the working week. Read: 


It really helps if you’ve got something positive to look forward too, arrange a meal out or drinks with friends that night or perhaps a trip out to see a show, whatever it is make sure you can’t wait for it.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget to do all the little things we enjoy & instead we fixate on that one big holiday which can leave you deflated when it’s over. Start doing one or two little things each week that you enjoy, it really be a game-changer.

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