6 Lunches: To Speed Up Weight Loss

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6 Lunches: To Speed Up Weight Loss

We’ve put together our top 6 super nutritious protein-rich Lunches to help get in shape & sculpt that body. We designed them to not only help you shift pounds & tone up but also to help boost the appearance of your skin & hair for that summer glow. Oh & remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day & sip it slowly!

1. Tuna Mexican Salad

A tin of tuna, half a tin of spicy red kidney beans, finely chopped peppers & red onion. Add half a table spoon of light mayo and/or light/low fat salad dressing for taste.

2. Sliced Chicken Salad

A sliced chicken breast with a generous handful of Italian leaf salad bag. Add some sun dried tomatoes (30 g) and some mozzarella cheese (40 g) with basil & pepper to taste.

 3. Sweet Potato Mash & Feta Cheese

Sweet potato mash (200g) Feta Cheese (50g) with two generous handfuls of wilted spinach and some pine nuts


4. Salmon, Poached Egg & Spinach

A salmon fillet with one poached egg with two generous handfuls of spinach leaves. Add peppers & light/low fat salad dressing such as honey and mustard.

5. Chicken Salad Pitta

A whole wheat pitta, grilled chicken breast slices, lots of iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, half tablespoon light mayo, black pepper

6. Stir fry

A thinly sliced lean pork loin steak or Prawns (120g), mange tout, baby corn, a red or yellow pepper, splash of low salt soya sauce and chilli flakes to taste