5 Reasons to Wear the Right Sports Bra

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5 Reasons to Wear the Right Sports Bra

Hey Girls! We’ve got news for you. Those boobs of yours, they’re screaming out for a fabulous sports bra with great comfort & support.  It isn’t a joke, when you’re working out & active your breasts move in all directions leading them to drop with no going back. Here are 5 reasons to invest in the correct support, and how to prevent irreversible damage.



You’ve probably never heard of Cooper’s Ligaments? Well neither had we until we realised how important they are. Let me explain, they’re connective tissue which form the main source of support for the breasts, to prevent them stretching irreversibly you’ve got to support your breasts. The truth is ladies, once they’ve stretched too far, there’s no going back so from here on out it’s all about the support, ok.

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All sports bra are different & offer different levels of support. All you need to work out is what you’ll be using it for. Low support is great for yoga, power walking & other forms of light exercise, medium support for dance, spin class & high support for running.

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It’s not just about what you do, it’s also not about your cup size. If you’re a size A – C, you can use Low, Medium & high impact sports bra. If you’re D+, you want to be going for medium to high support regardless of the types of activity you do, you need to protect that magnificence.


if you’ve ever experienced symptoms like a stiff neck & back or general tenderness this could be caused by a poor fitting bra. If your bra is too tight it can restrict movement in the upper neck, larger boobs can cause neck pain without the right support and so you’ve got to stop them from bouncing all over the place. They can move around up to 7 cm during a workout


Sports bras have been engineered & designed to absorb movement & shock to the chest caused by repetitive workouts & activities. Wearing a normal bra could lead to pain & discomfort as well as irreversible stretching of the coopers ligaments, eek.

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1. Do a bounce test, trying jumping around, leaning forward & backwards & raising your arms. Ensure that the bra stays in place during these movements & provides a good level of support during exercise.

2. The underhand carries the majority of the bras support, up to 80%, so make sure it fits snugly but not too tight.

3. To help control bounce & to ensure maximum protection for your chest, choose a bra that supports each breast individually.

4. Sports Bras have a life expectancy of “not too long”, once it begins to lose elasticity it also loses support and so it times to get a new one.