5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Stomach Fat

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5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Stomach Fat

The most stubborn part of the body has got to be that belly fat, agghh! It can feel like, no matter how much you work-out or diet it’s still right there, looking at you. You can be losing weight from all the other areas of your body but that paunch just doesn’t seem to shift.  Just to make things even worse, experts say that fat around the mid-section is the worst kind for your health & your waist measurement is probably a better measure of your  body composition than BMI. So yeah, not great & that’s exactly why we’ve put together 5 of the biggest reasons your belly bulge might not be shifting regardless of the constant work-outs & diets.


Adrenal Hormones related to stress actually cause your body to store more fat around your belly rather than other areas of the body. When you experience stress, the hormone, Cortisol is released which causes any unused calories to head straight to your mid-section. Your body does this to protect your vital organs & replenish any fat reserves that may be used during these stressful periods.  If you eat a lower calorie diet you will lose fat but if you are stressed then your body is likely to use up the fat stores from other areas of the body before tackling the stomach.  It’s time to kick the stress  - READ: 5 Ways To Kick Feeling Stress

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Let me just put this one out there, Sit-ups will never burn that belly fat, no matter how many you do. In fact doing tonnes of sit-ups each day will end up giving you an even bigger belly as your abs will strengthen & increase in size, pushing the layer of fat even further outwards.  To blast that belly you need to burn calories & your biggest return on investment will be exercises that engage multiple muscle groups like squats, pullups & burpees. Oh & don’t forget to raise that heart rate each day with a little cardio even if it’s just for 10 minutes.


If your diet is high in fructose, which is present in many processed foods then you are more at risk of abdominal obesity.  This is partially due to the fact that your body breaks down fructose differently to other types of sugar. We’re not worried about the fructose in fruit, it’s the ultra-processed foods that cause the problems like frozen meals, ready-meals, jars & snack foods. You really need to lay off them if you want that flat belly.

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Protein is super important when it comes to weight loss but it may be critical when it comes to burning belly fat. In a study of 90 women researchers found that those who consumed a high-protein diet plan lost more weight & double the stomach fat than those who consumed a low-protein diet plan. A lean high-protein diet will also help promote weight loss through burning fat stores rather than breaking down muscle. Read: 7 Evening Meals To Speed Up Weight Loss


To kick bloating make sure you’re eating lots of fibre to keep your digestive system moving.  Water based veg like cucumber, spinach & asparagus are great bloat-kickers. Bananas & oranges both contain bloat-beating potassium but you should probably know that broccoli, peppers & onions can all cause bloat. If you notice your stomach bloating during the day or after meals then it may worth a chat with your doctor to see what’s causing it. READ:7 Ways To Kick Water Retention

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