5 Snappy Weight Loss Secrets You Need to Know

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5 Snappy Weight Loss Secrets You Need to Know


It may seem strange but sleep plays an important role in regulating your metabolism & appetite. Research has shown that getting a good night’s sleep will reduce cravings & snacking. The hormone Leptin is produced by the body to stop you from feel hungry but when you’re sleep deprived you produce up to 20% less Leptin making you crave food. Read 7 Reasons Your Energy Levels Are Low for more about sleep & energy


You need to keep your metabolism firing & your energy levels balanced to avoid reaching for the biscuit tin at 11am or crashing out at 3 pm.  Healthy snacks throughout the day are a must, a bag of mixed nuts for grazing, carrot sticks, sliced peppers & low fat hummus. Whatever it is, keep it handy, healthy & low in sugar & salt. Read 10 Foods to Eat to Beat Cellulite for more on great food.


Ordering from a menu is never going to work, chefs love to make their food as tasty as possible which means plenty of salt, butter, cream & anything else that’ll add the wow factor. Restaurants are also full of tempting sides like fries & warm breads so keep it light & satisfying  and create it yourself at home.  Think lean meats with plenty of vegetables in as many different colours as possible & it’s best to avoid anything processed.


Contemplating what to eat or thinking too much about what you fancy, even just for a few minutes can lead to indulgence.  You need to stop all this food day-dreaming and instead reach for the same healthy options that you’ve planned for breakfast & for lunch, it really does work. “So for breakfast I’ll have that omelette with spinach, or natural yoghurt with blueberries & for lunch I’ll have that salad with a little protein on top like salmon or eggs” and so on. Then maybe mix it up at little at dinner time to keep things balanced, lean & tasting different to what you’ve had in the day. Read 6 Scientific Breakfast Tips: To Speed Up Weight Loss for more on breakfast


Keep a food diary of everything you are eating, it’ll really help you track exactly what’s going through your body and it helps you stay accountable. Oh and you need to get yourself a weight-loss buddy who’s also on the healthy eating planning. With a buddy to lean on you’ll be far more likely to see faster results & it’ll be so much fun.