5 Ways To Kick Feeling Stress

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5 Ways To Kick Feeling Stress

We can all admit to feeling stress from time to time & for many of us it can be more often than we’d like. What is stress?  It’s actually a natural instinct that protects us from danger, it helps us find solutions & manage situations that might bring us harm. The thing is, natural Instincts can become confusing in today’s world and so you need to have the mental tools in place to ensure it doesn’t affect your well-being & quality of life.



Sometimes you just need a take a quick reality check and ask yourself, one year from now is this really going matter?  9 times out of 10, the answer is no. Take a big deep breath to get some perspective on the matter & to think about it, as 90% of things we worry about, really don’t matter. What you should do is focus positive energy on the 10% of worry’s that potentially do matter.

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Don’t demand too much from yourself, we often have far higher expectations of ourselves than we do of anyone else without even knowing it. You need to balance these expectations, ask yourself, do I really need to do all that housework today?  Do I need to tidy the entire spare room, today?  Think about how you’d talk to a friend in the same situation if they came to you for support. Would you be piling all that pressure on them and telling them they’ve got to get it done today, absolutely not, you’d treat them with kindness and say “don’t worry so much”.  Be kind to yourself and the stress will begin to disappear.

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Learn to read yourself & recognise the signs that you are feeling stress.  When you begin to notice it you’ll begin to feel in control & more able to deal with the situation, because it's a signal that something is in need of change.  Noticing your own stress actually relieves stress & makes you feel better.

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Little changes can make a big difference, remember it is your thoughts that drive how you feel. We call these thoughts, about a particular situation, Mind-Talk and it is creating how you feel (the stress) without you even knowing.  Writing down your Mind talk will really help you to understand why you are feeling a particular way about something and only then can you begin to address it.

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So you’ve written down all that mind-talk, that’s great. Let’s say you’re stressed about a presentation at work the next day.  Your mind talk might read “I’m going to sound terrible”, “I’m going to forget everything”, No wonder you’re feeling stressed, just look at the language you are using, we call it negative mind-talk, you need to switch that to positive mind talk which will allow you to take action. So instead say “All I need to do is remember the keep points & I need to speak clearly”.  Bingo, you’ve just found a solution to all that stress. All you need to do now is take action, make yourself a list of the key points & write down ‘speak clearly’ at the top & watch the stress melt away.

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