7 Reasons Your Energy Levels are Low: How to Boost Them

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7 Reasons Your Energy Levels are Low: How to Boost Them

Struggling to keep alert & awake during a meeting or dozing off on the train to work or maybe it’s just a few too many yawns during the course of the day. If the answer is yes then it’s probably due to your energy levels. Whilst that may not be rocket science, did you know that energy can be categorised into 3 main types, physical, emotional & mental and you need to look after each one to feel your best.

All you need to do is identify what’s causing the energy drain & nip it in the bud before it nips you. 


It’s not just about “enough sleep” you need solid blocks of uninterrupted sleep to feel fully refreshed. Waking up during the night is natural but not getting enough uninterrupted hours can increase insulin resistance which makes you crave carbs.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that Magnesium can support restful uninterrupted sleep patterns. Your body needs around 300mg per day of Magnesium so reach for those dark leafy greens to top you up. Sleep tight. 

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Breakfast is certainly an important part of your day but wait just a minute. The wrong lunch can leave you feeling drained especially if you are working late or socialising afterwards. If you find yourself longing for an afternoon nap then you’re probably not getting enough protein during the day. Leading nutritionists will tell you, a lunch full of protein will keep your Physical energy levels topped up through to evening.

We suggest a 1:1 ratio of protein & carbs to give you a good balance & the energy to keep alert through to 5. Try a chicken, avocado & quinoa salad, perfect. 

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It’s all part of the cycle, if you don’t do enough exercise then your energy levels will drop, leaving you uninterested & unable to exercise, eek. A quick time efficient workout will actually make you more productive & you’ll feel more energised to take on the day.

If you find yourself stalling by 3 pm then a 10 minute lunchtime workout could be your new saviour, seriously, just try it. DO FOUR MOVES - squats, press-ups, star jumps & crunches, each for 30 seconds, rest for a minute then repeat.  

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A severe lack of vitamin B12 could lead to anemia but that’s worst case scenario.  Not getting enough B12 can drain your mental energy levels, reducing your attention span & cognitive function, not good news. Vitamin B12 is also essential of blood formation.

So make sure you’re fully topped up. Steak, eggs, milk, cheese & yoghurt all contain plenty of B12 to keep your levels where they need to be to wave goodbye to mental fatigue. 


Our phones are always within reach, it’s virtually under your pillow as you sleep. All this non-stop use can really have an effect on your mental energy levels. Research has shown that using your phone constantly can lead to energy fatigue, anxiety and even depression. Another study found that even being in the same room as your phone leads to you being distracted.

How about a 7 day phone detox, here’s how it works.  One the first day, make a note of every time you check your texts, emails, Facebook, Instagram, everything. Then after that, go cold turkey at all the times when your “phone checks” were non-urgent.  You’ll be far more efficient at the urgent times & you’ll do wonders for your mental energy & well-being. Read: 8 Ways To A Lifestyle Detox

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As humans we’re constantly looking for stimulation, so much so that we’ve forgotten how to do “absolutely nothing”. This constant search for stimulation is actually a drain on our emotional energy. As soon as you find some spare time, the fear of boredom begins to take hold and so you look for a new experience. The reward centre in your brain lights up and then POW, you get a hit of dopamine.  This hit of dopamine is addictive and so you search some more and it’s this cycle that can make you feel drained.

So here’s what to do, set aside 10 minutes every day to nothing, no Facebook, no TV, no house work, I mean nothing, just stare out of the window if you like. It’ll do wonders for your  emotional energy. Read: 7 Ways To Kick Feeling Stress

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Look after each of the 4 energy types so you can keep your levels at their peak. Keep active & enjoy it.