SO SWEATY Contour Workout by Personal Trainer Mollie

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SO SWEATY Contour Workout by Personal Trainer Mollie

 We've teamed up with personal trainer and holistic health coach Mollie to create a super simple SO SWEATY Contour Workout designed to get the heart pumping and you feeling fit and energized. Do it anywhere you like, anytime you like, it'll take you just 15 minutes. You won’t need any equipment (just tins of soup) and a bit of space.  Feel free to repeat it once or twice in a row if you have the time. 

*Remember to speak to your GP before starting any fitness regime*

Now let's get started

Warm up 

10 star jumps, 10 squats, 10 steam engines

(Fingertips on forehead.  Bring opposite elbow to opposite raised knee). 

Repeat 5 times through if you can. 


Now you've warmed up, let's get moving! 10 Easy Steps

Perform each of the following for just 1 minute.  If you are new to exercise, start off for 30 seconds each.


  1. Tricep dips on study chair or step (lower bum down and use only the arms to raise bum back up) 
  2. Hip raises (lay on the floor with your knees bent.  Raise your hips so you have a straight line from your shoulders through to your knees and then back down again and repeat.
  3. Press ups (do them on your knees if you need too) 
  4. Walking lunges (Walk forward while dropping your back knee almost to the floor. think about down rather than forward) 
  5. Plank (Keep your tummy in and your hands relaxed 1 min) The move to a side plank (30 sec on each side.  Don’t let the hips drop and hold))
  6. Squats (Keep your weight in your heels and bend at the knees.  Really go for quality over quantity) 
  7. Overhead press (Holding your tins of soup, start with hands at your shoulders and palms facing away from you.  Reach to the sky and back down again, repeat for 1 minute) 
  8. Wall sit (sit with back against wall and knees at 90 degrees, hold for 1 minute) 
  9. Mountain climbers (hands and feet on ground with bum up.  Bring one knee forward at a time, rapidly alternating legs) 
  10. Bicep curls (Grab your tins of soup.  Keep elbows by side and palms facing forward.  Keep elbow still as you bend elbow to bring hands up shoulders.  Extend arms back to starting position) 

Fabulous, you have just completed your first SO SWEATY Contour Workout! Thanks Mollie!