Lose Two Dress Sizes in Two Months With The Transformation Pack

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Lose Two Dress Sizes in Two Months With The Transformation Pack

Let's face the music. It's easy to continue living your life in the same way you've done for years but the truth is, you may never lose weight. Here's another truth, it's easy get slim when you know how, you just need to make a change and we are that change!
Drop a dress size in a month, just imagine that. Drop two dress sizes in two months. If you're a size 14/16 now you could be squeezing into a pair of size 10/12's in a matter of weeks and staying slim for good.


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The most effective way to lose weight fast & keep it that way is through a lean & light nutritious protein-rich diet. To keep slim you need build new habits based on these healthier diet choices with plenty of water to cleanse your body.

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Everyone can be as slim as they want & anyone can be overweight, the difference is the choices you decide to make...



Follow our Food Planner & Exercise guide each day, take two Fat Metaboliser Capsules per day, one mid-morning & one mid-afternoon. Take one Carb Blocker Capsule 30 minutes before your meal & drink plenty of water each day. Wear the Contour Waist Trainer for 2 - 5 hours per day for at least 4 days per week. 

Contour Weight Loss Vest:  Sold in more than 50 Countries worldwide & used by models, athletes & celebrities for weight loss. Wear it under your outfit to help control your diet & eating, reducing snacking, cravings & the tendency to over-eat. It helps to reduce your appetite, supporting weight loss & helping you feel fuller for longer. Designed from high stretch material to adpapt to your body shape it slims your waistline & stomach . Wear it regularly to help you shift weight, tone up and stay slim.

Fat Metabolisers: Take two capsules per day to boost the breakdown of fat & carbohydrates in the body. They will help to target stubborn fat & improve the efficiency of metabolic processes everyday. Green tea & guarana in our capsules will help boost your energy levels & promote healthy antioxidants. Our Fat Metabolisers are sold in more than 50 countries & used as part of a daily routine by models, athletes & celebrities.

Carb Blockers: Take one capsule 30 minutes before a meal to reduce the amount of unused carbohydrates that are stored as fat in your body. Carb Blockers prevent some of carbohydrates you consume from being digested, you could lose up 3 x more weight than dieting alone. Our Carb Blockers are used religiously by models, athletes & celebrities as part of their daily routine, particularly before treat moments.

Food Planner + Exercise Guide: It will give you Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack options + light exercises to help sculpt your body. Following this each day will bring visible results within 4 days. We've designed it to target water retention in the first 24 hours and then fat loss from around the body whilst helping to maintain muscle tone & improve your hair & skin. Use the exercise guide to help build light exercise into your daily routine.

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