New Waist Slimmer®

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New Waist Slimmer® -  Shift Weight, tone up and better control your diet with the New Waist Slimmer. Wear it each day under your outfit to support weight loss, control your appetite, slim your stomach and waistline and reduce feeling bloated. It’s super stretchy and slips right under your outfit. Light compression helps keep your diet under control, you’ll feel fuller for longer, and it’ll support your back. Trusted by women worldwide & available to order in over 100 countries. 



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  • Supports Weight Loss & Controls Diet
  • Slims Your Stomach & Waist. 
  • Helps Keeps Appetite Under Control 
  • Reduces feeling Bloated & Supports Your Back. 
  • Super stretchy fabric adapts to your body shape. Non restrictive & fully flexible. 
  • Slips Right Under Your Outfit & Won’t Roll Up. 
  • Includes Weight Loss Guide 
  • Shapewear Bestseller. Trusted By Women Worldwide. 

Supporting Women In sub-Saharan Africa: Your order will help tackle poverty & inequality in girls and women in the poorest rural communities in Africa, by supporting girls to go to school and succeed, and empowering young women to step up as leaders of change. Find out more