Business Information

SOSWEATY.COM A fast growing online women’s shapewear, clothing & supplements brand with a firm focus Weight Loss. We've been trading for 2 years and have made excellent ground in growing the brand & increasing market share, at home in the UK and abroad in Europe & the USA. We've built an exceptionally strong active & interested customer base of 51,000 customers on our email list (made up of 40k in USA & 10K in the UK), 55,000 followers on Facebook & Instagram and a popular blog with 7000 visitors per month and growing. We’ve built great relationships with factories in china & overseas, this has enabled us to bring new products to market faster & cheaper than many of our competitors. We’ve also been able to create new products from scratch & manufacture them in small quantities, economically to test the market helping us to be extremely agile. We’ve built an exceptional relationship with our global shipping partner which has enabled us to ship our products to over 150 countries around the world for a fraction of the cost of standard shipping rates. We've seen growth & progress in many of the key performance indicators including, traffic (new & returning customers), Sales (new customers & existing customers) & cart additions. In the last 2 years we've the spent $165,000 on Facebook & Twitter Ads to maximise on brand awareness & long term brand growth in our home market & overseas. Our ads have reached over 15 million women between the ages of 28 - 50 worldwide. We've been lucky enough to have the caught the attention of Celebrities in the UK & national press coverage. Our brand is still in its infancy & ready for growth in the UK and worldwide.



Whats New

We've recently created the marketplace on which features a large collection of drop shipped inventory. This means customers can browse clothing from leading brands and buy them at - these products are shipped directly to customer from the brand and not us. It's a great new feature that we believe will form an important part of the future business. We’ve recently launched our new referral program which incentivises our customers to refer their friends and followers by paying them an automated commission. Our system integration gives each new referrer a unique discount code to promote to their friends and followers. If that code is used at a commission will automatically be paid to them after 20 days. It’s a great interface that shows the ambassadors live data including how many of their friends have visited and how much commission they’ve earnt. We launched the Referral Program a little over a month ago and we’ve signed up nearly 800 ambassadors, sending more than 8000 visitors to our store. It a great marketing strategy that we believe will form a strong part of the future business.

A Busy 3 Days

80% of sales come from just 3 product lines and we've seen exceptional periods of growth during the last 4 months as a result marketing campaigns. During a busy 3 days in January saw sales of over $75,000 and 20,000 new customers signing up to our mailing list.

TV Commercial on E Entertainment Channel

We’ve built a great relationship with a “small but hugely effective” TV production company just outside of London. Their task has been to produce a 1 minute Glossy TV commercial around our shapewear products for a fraction of the normal cost of TV advertising. They’ll also be producing a range of high quality still images during filming & a series of short glossy product videos for marketing. The advert will initially run with 60 spots (played 60 times on TV) which is a pretty tiny campaign however it will allow us to test the value of TV marketing & give us that big brand look . We’re free to then invest and buy more spots if needed but the whole strategy will give us a valuable library of marketing media including a big brand style commercial for social media & TV and a library of professional images with a range of models. We want to be the first in the UK to put a Waist Shaper on main stream TV and we’re sure it will attract serious press coverage. We’re still at the stage where we can change "style & feel" of the commercial to fit in with any business plans you may have. This would be a great opportunity to build in any other ideas, products or brands you may want with the commercial. We can arrange meet-up in person or over the phone with Universal TV Media to talk through the whole TV Campaign Process.

Why I’m selling

It's a bitter/sweet decision, I’m hugely passionate about so sweaty & I love growing the brand & spreading the word. I’m certain it has the potential to be a global brand for women. We’ve clearly seen the sparks of a household name but we’ve struggled to capitalise on the growth periods. The business has really out grown me and it seems a logical time to allow the business to be scaled. I’ve got two young children & we love to travel, it's becoming increasingly tough to manage a fast growing business. SOSWEATY.COM is an exceptionally strong brand in the UK & USA, still in its infancy. We've seen exceptional periods of traffic and sales in the last 6 months, many times leaving us unable to manage the growth. It would be great to see in the hands of someone with the ability to scale the business.

 Sale Price: $145,000

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