Referral Program

Our Referral Program Changes Everything. No Fee's, No Charges, Nothing. It's Free.

We're one of the fastest growing shapewear & activewear brands right now and our simple new referral scheme is growing rapidly around the world. It's completely free and will never cost you anything, no set-up cost, no joining fee, no monthly charge, nothing! When you start, we'll give you a unique "discount code" and a website link to share on social media, with friends and co-workers, by email or in person, be as creative as you like. Anyone that uses your discount code will get 10% off their order and you'll automatically earn 10% commission. You'll have your own online dashboard to keep track of referrals and earnings. We never set any minimum thresholds so you'll earn commission on your very first order. Oh and did we mention, earnings are uncapped so the sky is the limit. 

What Should I Do?

It's really simple, just share your discount code and link with your friends, family, people at work, social media friends & followers. Be as creative as you like, that's when the magic happens. 

  • Create your own social media posts about or products
  • Join Relevent Facebook Groups & Join in on the conversation
  • Comment & Join Chat rooms.
  • We'll send you hints, tips and advice
  • Share our posts, ads & videos
  • Share your discount code 
  • Talk to your friends, family & people at work
  • Create articles, stories & videos
  • Be as creative as you want and go the extra mile, from handing out flyers through to home parties & events.
  • Uncapped earnings, you can earn as much as you like. 
  • Commission is paid to you 20 days after the order.

Remember: Orders must be generated by you, you shouldn't spam your code or add it to any discount code websites. This could result in your code being blocked. 

Benefits of being part of the program

We are changing the industry. You'll be part of our revolutionary new referral scheme, forget all those pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing plans with no earning potential. This is simple commission paid on every order and you can track it yourself with your own personal dashboard. No minimum thresholds, or charges or anything. We've also made earnings uncapped, If you create a post with your code and reaches millions of people, you'll earn 10% commission on every order that uses your code, simple. 

We recommend you start by sharing our Best Selling products but you can share the items you feel will most popular with your audience. We offer Free Worldwide Shippingon every order.

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You can join the referral program right now but don't forget to order whatever it is you came here for also.