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Contour Weight Loss Vest - Shift Weight, Tone Up & Get In Shape, Fast. Available in over 200 countries worldwide it's our Number #1 for Weight Loss.

Wear it each day under your outfit to help you shift weight, tone up & get in shape. Light compression helps minimise your appetite to support weight loss in the body including the thighs, stomach & hips. The revolutionary new Contour Weight Loss Vest & diet plan helps target stubborn fat & water retention in it the body to help you achieve your weight goals, fast. It helps to control your diet & eating so you build long term healthier habits. You'll feel fuller for longer helping you cut-out unhealthly snacking.  Crafted from premium neoprene & designed in England by hand for the most comfortable fit ever.

Inludes our Meal Planner, created by leading experts to give food options to help you slim down fast & build long term healthier eating habits. Follow the meal planner & exercise each day & start seeing visible results in 7 days.

Due to high demand please allow 7 working days for dispatch.



  • Boosts Weight Loss -  Light compression to the waist & stomach area help you feel fuller for longer and encourages smaller, leaner meals throughout the day.
  • Targets full body -  Light compression to the waist & stomach area help you feel fuller for longer and encourages smaller, leaner meals throughout the day.
  • Reduces Appetite - Helps to reduce snacking & over-eating 
  • Targets Water Retention & Bloating - Compression to the core helps reduce bloating & targets water retention for a slimmer feel.
  • Supports the back & posture - Provides support to help stop fatigue & aches
  • Food Planner - Includes our best selling meal guide to download to help boost weight loss, fast.

The Food Planner & Exercise Guide will be available to download immediately after purchase by following the link in the email or in the account section at 

    PLEASE NOTE: The Contour Weight Loss Vest is non-refundable or exchangable due to the nature of the products - undergarments. We therefore recommend you measure your waist before ordering


    • Premium neoprene for compression & comfort
    • 3 rows of hooks to tighten and loosen the Vest
    • Adjustable shoulder straps for increased comfort
    • Lightly Boned construction (non irritable)
    • Not a Corset -  Flexible & elasticated material for an ultra comfortable fit.

    WARNINGS - The Contour Weight Loss Vest should NOT feel excessivly tight or make you feel breathless or squeezed. If you are feeling this then stop wearing the vest as you may have ordered a size too small. The Contour Weight Loss Vest is not a corset, it is a form of shape-wear like spanx & bodysuits similar to those available on the high street. After giving birth we do not recommend using the Vest until you have fully healed and this has been confirmed by your doctor & midwife, after a c-section this could be over 10 weeks. If you have any medical conditions we recommend consulting your doctor or a medical professional before using the vest